4.4 Creating, updating and navigating a customer record  

Please note that in this application you are allowed to add or update customerís record. However, once a customer record has been created, user will not be allowed to delete this customer from this database application. The main reason is to ensure data security is not breached.

To create or update a customer particular, you need to have the form Main menu opened (see section 4.3). Once the form Main menu appears, click on Quotations and Invoices and the following screen will appear.

All the fields in this form, Customer Profile, should be self-explanatory. The important thing to take note is that the field Customer, which is to hold the customerís name, cannot be empty. Note also that the username and the time for creating and updating the customer information will be captured in a record log file, which can be print through report (see section 4.9). Note that the latest information of the customer being updated will be reflected at the top edge of the table Info Last Updated.



      4.5 Creating, navigating and issuing of quotation 

Once the particular of customer is filled, you can start to create quotation by clicking on Create new quotation. When this button is invoked, the Reference No for this quotation will be generated automatically. Please note that all quotations need to have a reference number generated, otherwise, information entered for the quotation will not be saved. Another field you need to provide information for is the Issuer. You are able to select issuer name from the pull down menu (note that the pull down menu selection will show only names that have previously entered), or enter an issuer name. Please note that, similar to customer record, once a quotation has been created, it can not be deleted.

Use the Record selector for quotation (as shown in section 4.4), to go to new quotation. In addition, to create consecutive new quotation, you will need to use this to get to the last record.

To issue a quotation, click on Issue quotation. This will allow you to preview the quotation in report form. After confirming the detail is correct in the report, click on the printer icon to print a hardcopy, which will be the actual quotation to provide to your customer. Note that you could also export the report into a Word formatted report.

However, before you click on Issue quotation, detail items for the quotation should be input first. To input these details, click on the Details. The full explanation for this is provided in following section; i.e. section 4.6.