1. Security and password control
    1. 3.1 Internet authentication  

      The application is accessed through your homepage. To begin using the application, click on the Application on your homepage. A pop up window will appear and you will need to provide the staff account and the password before you are allowed to run the application. This part of security is to ensure that you are a valid account holder with Web iLite Technology.

      Please note that the internet staff account and password can only be changed by the system administrator of Web iLite Technology.

      3.2 Application verification  

      3.3 Changing user's application logon password  

In contrast to the internet staff account, users are allowed to change the application logon password. The following explains this procedure in details:

      3.4 Record log  

On top of the security mentioned above, there is an addition feature to capture the user's account and time updating a customer's record. This information is both stored in a file and displayed on the screen. The information present is: user account, time customer table was updated, time invoice table was updated, time item's detail table was updated and time the partial payment was updated.

This information is stored to a file to allow printing the information into report form (see section 4.9).

Only the latest time and the user account for the last update will be displayed (see section 4.3).

Lastly, to optimize the storage spaced of the application, the record log file will keep only current month and previous month's record log information. Thus, when you login to the application and the system detected records log that is more that the duration mentioned, following form will appear to inform you that those record log's information greater that the duration will automatically be deleted once you log out form the system.