1. Overview

This quotations and invoices module is a business application system. It is mainly developed for companies that need to have an automated system to manage the issuing of quotations and invoices (especially true for startup companies). The application is easy to use, efficient and cost effective.

The application is very easy to use. Most of the activities and functions in the application are self-explanatory. Thus, users will need to invest very little time to know and use the system effectively.

As most of the companies PC nowadays are using Windows and with Ms-Office installed, we therefore, developed this application to base on these system requirement and configuration. Thus, this will maximize the application’s efficiency.

It is also cost effective as users already have the necessary window operating system to run this business application. In addition, users can lease this application on flexible usage basis, such as, charges can be made to depend on the number of time the application has been used.

This application can be easily extended to include other modules, such as, the Expenses module. Furthermore, the data input can be exported to Text format, Excel Format or Word Format. Thus, it allows a company business activities to be monitored completely and it also allows information to be shared among departments effectively. Lastly, this application can be acquired free when your web site is designed and hosted by Web iLite Technology.